Copenhagen can be reached by a direct flight from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport and we think it is a place well worth visiting. In our seminar series later this year we are hoping to have the presence of the CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen – Mikkel Aaro-Hansen to share with us the vision that the Danish capital has for growing its tourism offer.

Like many European cities Copenhagen has seen its visitor economy grow exponentially and that has caused serious questions to be raised by politicians and citizens alike. In 2019 alarm bells were already ringing when the Lonely Planet website hosted an article entitled: Is Copenhagen the latest city to fall victim to overtourism? 21.08.19 This followed on the heels of an article in The website: ‘Too little, too late’ as Copenhagen faces overtourism 12.08.19 Then in March last year this article appeared in CPHonline: Is year-round tourism in Copenhagen a blessing or a curse? 28.03.20

What is most impressive about Copenhagen is the response they have been making to this reality which has won them international recognition and admiration. Wonderful Copenhagen  is the official tourism body for the capital city of Denmark and they have launched a number of campaigns one of which is Localhood: The End of Tourism as We Know it and the other is Tourism for Good (summary) which links their approach to the visitor economy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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As we research more about the debate in Copenhagen we will continue to add to this page and once we hear about our invitation we will let you know.