There is some funding available for local groups that want to create or care for an area of woodland close to where they live. Would you be interested in joining together with neighbours at Armstrong Quay and above us in the Bread Streets as well as the houses on the former Garden Festival site to see if we can open up the woodland adjacent to the car park on Riverside Drive and previously owned by the Homes & Community Agency but now in the ownership of The Land Trust?

We already have an area of newly planted woodland alongside Riverside Drive at City Quay and we are thinking it would be good to link these trees through to the more established woodland on the next door site. Maybe we could find a few people who care enough about trees to form a project group to take these ideas forward.

On Thursday morning 9th June 2016 Carolyn Hassall from The Land Trust came to City Quay to look at our site and walk through the area in question. She was impressed and went back to see how we take the next step. There is a willingness and interest in doing something with the woodland on our site and next door. Would you like to join The Land Trust and your neighbours?

If you’re interested contact us through our Twitter a/c @cityquaylife or e-mail at If you’d like to find out some more check out our links below:

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