Seminar Three in the Engage Seminar Series is looking at devolution and governance across the Liverpool City Region. People often get confused about the responsibilities of the two Mayors, one the elected Mayor for the City and the other the elected Metro Mayor for the City Region. What powers have been devolved to the Metro Mayor and what powers will come in the future? Is the City Region starting to cooperate and work together after a long history of rivalry and antagonism? Is there a role for city centre residents to play in the new emerging City Region Combined Authority?

SEMINAR THREE: Devolution/Governance – in the Brexit era

31st October Thursday 5.30pm-7.30pm

Our main speaker is:

Prof Philip McCann: Chair in Urban and Regional Economics, Sheffield University Management School personal website

Our Liverpool City Region speaker is:

Deputy Portfolio Holder Policy, Reform & Resources: Cllr Carla Thomas (Sefton)

Local Panel activists invited :