For a city that prizes itself on being world-class it is amazing how often we are playing catch-up and not actually leading the way.

This week was European Mobility Week (16th-22nd September) where cities across Europe were exploring how to promote forms of transport and mobility apart from the car. You wouldn’t have known this if you live in Liverpool! Engage held a fantastic seminar series last year called Liverpool On The Move about connectivity in the City Centre. We brought international experts from Copenhagen and leaders from other UK cities to share with us best practice with regard to street design, walking, cycling and public transport.

Clearly we expect too much from the Council and it is up to ordinary citizens to put the case for the kind of city we want to see. Any ideas for next year? Anyone want to help promote this event?

This day is called Car Free  Day in other parts of the world and over 330 cities have joined in. There is a report from the south of the world about this event on the TeleSurTV website HERE

We produced a report at the end of the series which you can read here: Liverpool on the Move Report 19.01.15

The European Mobility Week website is HERE