National Museums Liverpool are inviting local residents on the waterfront to register their interest for a fascinating project that will be taking place on Piermaster’s Green where there used to stand a number of buildings lost during the war. The image below is from May 1886 in the Illustrated London News and shows the series of buildings that NML want to know more about.

They will be leading an archeological dig and there are 10 three-day places available for residents to get involved and become part of an amazing one-off dig in the heart of the World Heritage Site at the Royal Albert Dock. The dates for the dig are starting on 26th May and continuing until 30th July – so should be during some good warm weather!

NML have very kindly invited waterfront residents to make an early application as we are those who live closest to the site and are likely to have an almost daily interest in what is going on. So this time we don’t just get the chance to be spectators but active participants. That is amazing! After all the confinement of covid lockdowns this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become an amateur archeologist!


If you are interested you will need to apply urgently as places are limited and there is also a cut-off date for applications. Send an email enquiry to:Ā 

You can read more about the project here: Piermaster’s Green Excavation – local residents (PDF)