Work actually began last week on North Harrington Building not this week as the article in Your Move states that broke the news of a new go-karting track being constructed inside the large warehouse.

Residents will have noticed that the usually closed huge red doors of the vacant and abandoned former dock warehouse have been open with men and machines working away inside. Now we can tell you that it is to launch a new go-karting attraction as revealed in the Your Move website and magazine.

With a planning application submitted to bring the new facility a step closer at the firm’s (Team Sport) chosen North Harrington Building site on Sefton Street, a proposed cafe, bar and lounge room for spectators and customers to enjoy once they have raced is also lined up to feature alongside the track, along with a 78-car capacity car park.

So states the website but residents at City Quay have not received any indication from the Council about a Planning Application being submitted. What do you think? Are you in favour of this very popular attraction coming to a warehouse near you!

Read the article on Your Move website HERE