Engage has been taking part in a European project (ARCH) that brings together different WHS cities and asks how they are dealing with the challenges of extreme weather and climate change. At a recent workshop session on 29.06.21 a lot of time was spent exploring resident engagement and this article is an example from Canada how good resident, and especially youth, participation is delivered better neighbourhoods for everyone.

Involving young people in their discussions about how to repurpose an area underneath a local flyover a group of Year 6 students from a local school helped to design the space and draw up the principles for future development. The whole scheme started out as part of a University student planners degree project and they too have been amazed at how something that was on paper has grown to be fully implemented by the federal and local government.

This article about the project is well worth a read: Flyover Park: Empowering the next generation of city builders in Calgary 25.06.21 in Project for Public Spaces

Images taken from the above article.