This year Engage’s seminar series is focusing on how a city or community improves the quality of life for all its residents. The title is partly taken from the post-Covid stress on rebuilding the economy and society in the ‘Build Back Better’ slogans that emerged around the country but with a greater emphasis on our coming together to make a difference. The title is Making Liverpool Better, Together.

We are approaching the subject from a series of different perspectives. Firstly we have the INTERNATIONAL perspective which will draw upon the experience and expertise of Dr Camila Vergara, She has been very involved in the plebiscite in Chile about a new constitution which was rejected in their recent vote. There was a process of civic engagement which it will be interesting to hear about directly. Dr Vergara, who is a Fellow of Cambridge University and also an academic at Columbia University, has extensive knowledge of participative engagement in the democratic process.

Background reading:

Academics discuss citizen participation in politics 23.10.20 Universidad de Chile. (YouTube video in Spanish)

Chile votes overwhelmingly to reject new progressive constitution 05.09.22 The Guardian

Chile’s rejection 09.09.22 NLR Sidecar

Misinformation abounds as Chile prepares to vote on new constitution 31.08.22 The Guardian

Leaders sign Declaration of Humanity led by St Andrew’s academic 26.05.22 St Andrews News

Biography Dr Camila Vergara Department of Politics and International Studies University of Cambridge


Image courtesy of Universidad de Chile website