Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said that people “are not obliged to move around in a personal car, there are other ways to approach mobility in a city” as she launched the 2015 Car-Free day throughout Paris on Sunday 27th September.

This courageous decision is simply copying what has been happening in many cities around the world but is still seen in the UK and Liverpool as a step too far. One day our leaders too will get it and take steps to deliver what their citizens are ready for – a city centre mobility strategy that prioritises pedestrians and cyclists over personal car drivers. This was one of the ideas coming from last year’s Engage seminar series Liverpool On The Move which the Mayor was unable to attend at the last minute.

This year we are bringing a top architect from Paris, Alessandra Cianchetta, on Wednesday 14th October for our second seminar in the Liveable Liverpool series apartment living in a European city. Be interesting to hear first-hand the influence of the Mayor in forging a progressive and visionary city for Parisians, including in the realm of housing as well as traffic and air quality.

You can read more about the Car-Free day HERE on the Wired website

And book on the Engage Paris Seminar HERE