The final seminar in Engage’s autumn series 2013 the Local Perspective took place on Wednesday 13th November at LJMU Redmonds Building. The speaker with the task of bringing the whole series together was Pete Swift, Director of Planit – IE Ltd, who was wonderful!

Most people came away saying it was the highlight of the entire series and brought together the insights and comments from the previous two events perfectly. The impact seems to have been to have shifted opinion to a more open attitude towards the project called Liverpool Waters being proposed by Peel Holdings for central docks.

Peel attended the final seminar and listened carefully to the impressive and balanced presentation. Questions from the audience were intelligent and respectful. With grateful thanks to Fallon Films for their excellent recording and editing of the event we hope everyone will enjoy revisiting the captivating and widely acclaimed presentation.

Introduction – Gerry Proctor MBE

Speaker – Pete Swift