The final seminar in our Making Liverpool Better Together series is very different from what we have done over the past decade. We are facilitating a workshop where instead of hearing another address about active citizenship we will be exploring together what is happening in Liverpool at present and what we would like to see in the future.

We are inviting all groups in the city of which we are aware to participate and send representatives to take part in this unique event. We think it will be the first time that people who are active in specific commitments across the city are brought together to connect with and share with others who are similarly active in different roles but equally making a difference to the places where they live.

We are inviting a panel of local active citizens to guide our discussions and are determined to create a safe space where the broadest cross-section of people are invited to take part. It is our fervent hope that as many as possible will follow the entire series as there is a clear and conscious process that we are offering the city to commence reflections with an INTERNATIONAL perspective on 13th October and then to narrow-down our vision to the NATIONAL scene on 27th October and finally to sharply focus our attention on the LOCAL realities here in Liverpool on 10th November.

You can learn more about the entire series here