Today Thursday 28th January 2021 National Museums Liverpool announced the launch of perhaps the most ambitious project on the waterfront for a generation. They have plans to improve the public realm and many buildings on the site as part of a drive to improve the offer for local people and tourists when they come to visit the Liverpool’s waterfront.

In an email sent to Engage about the project it states:

“The Waterfront Transformation will see the expansion of the International Slavery Museum, which will speak with the voices of those most deeply affected by historic and contemporary slavery. This strong expanded physical presence for the International Slavery Museum will mark the beginning of how visitors understand the history of Liverpool’s waterfront through the lens of the transatlantic slave trade. 

The transformation will also create more gallery space and extend the storytelling into the Maritime Museum, Liverpool’s waterfront and across the city. This relationship between the two Museums will be linked in a seamless visitor experience with shared facilities including exhibition and community spaces.

The Canning Dock will be brought back into public use for visitors to the city, bringing history alive and increasing the area’s status as a world-class destination. The plans will create a cohesive experience for the area that links story, heritage, community, connectivity and commercial activity.  The Canning Dock will dramatically enhance the gateway to the waterfront destination and become a place for all. In March, we plan to launch a design competition to appoint a multi-disciplinary design team for the development of the public spaces.

The underused heritage buildings surrounding the docks will be reinvigorated and create an immense opportunity for commercial, social, and cultural expansion.  The varied nature and rich historical fabric of all the buildings provides a character rarely available anywhere, let alone within the waterfront setting.”

Residents from across the waterfront and in the city will be pleased to hear how committed NML are to developing the underused arts of their estate. There will be plenty of opportunities for people to express their views and we will let everyone know how to do that as soon as we are made aware.

In the meantime let’s look forward to seeing a transformation of the waterfront that will make a huge difference to all our lives. You can read more about it HERE on the NML website.

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