Liverpool’s beloved Piazza Fountain (or Bucket Fountain as its often called) made national headlines at the end of the last decade when it was named as one of the most significant newly-listed structures during 2019.

Historic England 20.12.19 21 Fascinating Places Listed in 2019.

The Guardian 20.12.19 Turkish baths among listed buildings upgraded in 2019. Mark Brown

As we move into 2020 there is renewed interest amongst concerned citizens in supporting the local residents at Beetham Plaza and Strand Plaza who overlook the Piazza Fountain in their efforts to repair and refurbish the fountain in its current location – which site was fully supported by the Historic England decision. Though the developer, who wants to remove it in order to build a hotel in the Plaza in partnership with Epic Hotels, was also in the headlines before Christmas (The Echo 18.12.19 and The Echo 19.12.19) he has consistently stated that he will submit plans for the project. Residents are asking themselves if the new situation reported by the Echo will have any bearing on those plans in 2020?

Meanwhile it seems sensible for people in the city to work together to protect, repair and maintain this now nationally recognised kinetic structure. If you’re interested in this project as part of your new year resolutions please get in touch with Engage who are supporting residents and the fountain –