Residents from the Strand Plaza have complained to Engage about the collapse of the company that developed their apartments. The building is currently not completed with extensive areas still not finished outside, the penthouses not built yet, the basement flooded and the only two lifts out-of-order for two weeks – leaving one resident who uses a wheelchair unable to enter or leave the building and another resident who struggles to climb to the top floors.

This is on top of other collapsed developments by Primesite including Herculaneum Quay on the waterfront by Sefton Street/Riverside Drive which is only being worked on now because owners got together and fought a legal case to make sure they never lost their apartments and all their investments.

Manchester University have recently approved a PhD research thesis which delves deeply into the Liverpool housing market and exposes the shocking level of failed and collapsed schemes in this city.

You can read more about these issues below:

Liverpool Echo: Primesite to shut down after finishing controversial schemes to avoid ‘flogging a dead horse’ HERE 14.11.19 Tom Houghton