The world’s most prestigious architecture prize for improving the quality of design of stores, hotels and restaurants this year added a new category for student architects to design for sensitive locations in areas of outstanding universal value such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Liverpool was chosen to allow university architecture departments around the world to support their students in submitting designs for a world-class football stadium within or close to the Liverpool Waters site in such a way that wouldn’t compromise the nature of the site or endanger Liverpool’s status as a World Heritage Site city. The winners have been announced and the First Prize went to a student at UCLAN in Preston: Maryam Al-Irhayim. Congratulations!

Her award-winning design is the image above. Other designs that won are included below in the links:

Prix Versailles Student Competition 2018 Awards

Prix Versailles 2018 Award Winners well worth looking at all the stunning designs around the world.

First Prize:

Second Prize:

Third Prize: