Engage recently held a seminar series about the quality of apartment design.

We haven’t yet seen the plans for this new development in the Baltic but from what the developer ┬áhas said it sounds very much as if some of the concerns that were raised at the seminars is being addressed by Elliot Group in their proposals for Norfolk House.

For instance he proposes to create a larger apartment where people can ‘downsize’ from the suburbs. That is a good start. Also many of the apartments will be for sale – hopefully for permanent residents and not to be let out later even before the block is built.

We’d like to look at any plans for communal space for meetings, for letter-boxes sited in a way that encourages connectivity between people, access to the roof area with possible greening of the roof space, storage space that ┬ámeans something, bike storage facilities and not just car parking. And confidence that the residents will be involved in the management of their block.

You can read more about the plans in the Echo HERE

and on Place North West HERE

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