Local residents who live at South Ferry Island around the Liverpool Marina and the Yacht Club Bar and Restaurant including developments: Mariners Way, South Ferry Quay, Quebec Quay, St Lawrence Quay and Coburg and Mariners Wharf have concerns about the way motorists use the road network.

What many people don’t realise (unless of course you live there) is that the road network is privately owned by Canal & River Trust (CRT) and not Liverpool City Council. Resident concerns were raised today at the North West Regional Advisory Board Meeting (NWRAB) (17.05.22) and there is a desire to work with local people to see what can be done to address their concerns. They include speeding and parking issues and possibly other concerns too.

Engage sits on the CRT NWRAB and would be more than happy to meet with concerned residents to make sure their voices are heard and supported at Board level. Contact can be made via chair@engageliverpool.com. There are issues that have arisen over many years and some have been dealt with successfully like controlling the parking with clearer monitored parking regulations. It’s worth remembering that this piece of land was formally the responsibility of British Waterways who managed the Marina and dock space as well. This then passed to CRT when they became a charity almost 10yrs ago in July. It has been said that the council originally didn’t want to take responsibility for what was then empty and disused dock warehouses and land with no prospect of the type of developments we see there today.

Image taken from SearchforSites.co.ukĀ