Last year 10,000 residents of Palma de Mallorca complained to their government about the negative impact of tourism by signing a petition calling for a curb on mega-cruise ships visiting the port. They are following similar protests around Europe from residents in Amsterdam, Venice and Barcelona angry with over-tourism and the problems it is creating in their cities.

In 2020 Engage is choosing the theme of tourism and it’s impact on residents as the subject for our seminar series next year. We are currently in conversation with city leaders about how we will formulate the seminars. Let us know what you think should be included in the debate. How does tourism impact on your life? Do you have any health and well-being concerns for now or in the future?

You can listen to a fascinating programme on BBC Radio 4 A Point of View broadcast on Sunday 28th July 2019 entitled: Leaving Florence – Sarah Dunant on the tourist overload that’s led her to abandon her beloved city of Florence.


  • The Guardian 25.01.20 HERE Over-tourism in Europe’s historic cities sparks backlash

You can follow some of the stories from various cities below:


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