As part of the preparation for the Engage 2020 seminar series on tourism and the visitor economy we are going to use this page to place regular updates, articles and links that will be helpful in preparing us for the series later in the year.

Image taken from The Conversation website 11.07.18 HERE

Already Covid-19 is impacting on the way locations view the visitor economy and this article in The Guardian published  24.04.20 Austrian ‘Ibiza of the Alps’ to ditch party tourism after Covid-19 lockdown.

A really fascinating and thoughtful piece was published entitled “Tourists are temporary citizens” – Barcelona’s lessons for your city. It was written by Chris Fair and published on the website Resonance.

Managing Tourism in Barcelona is an excellent Working Paper written by Harold Goodwin from the Responsible Tourism Partnership and published 09/2016.

An important body is the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) based in Madrid, Spain.

An excellent academic article written by Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management at the University of South Australia, and published 11th July 2018 “Why Australia might be at risk of overtourism”

A significant website is Responsible Tourism Partnership  and it is worth a visit.

There is an annual global celebration on 27th September called World Tourism Day organised by UNWTO.

The World Economic Forum published an important contribution to the debate entitled: “The Growth Paradox: Can tourism ever be sustainable?” and it was published on 10th August 2017 and written by Brian Mullis.

Visit Scotland is very progressive when it comes to delivering “Sustainable Tourism”  and this article directed to the business community explains a great deal about the concept.