Like many people in our city and country we are very concerned about what we are witnessing around the world happening to residents in rural areas, towns and cities, dreadfully impacted by the effects of climate change. Simply because nothing traumatic has yet occurred in our city and region is no reason for us to be complacent or disinterested when it comes to the whole question of sustainable living in Liverpool City Region.

Engage was invited to become a member of the Liverpool City Region Visitor Economy Sustainability Task Force. As a result of the meetings and conversations of which we have been privileged to be a part, the Board of Directors are now looking to take sustainability as our theme for the 2024 seminar series.

Currently working with David Connor, Director and Founder of the 2030hub, we hope to put together an event that builds upon the work of the UN Sustainable Development Goals but links them to Liverpool’s issues especially those we face as residents of the city centre and waterfront.¬† We have a planning meeting arranged for Wednesday 7th September 2023 when it is expected we will develop our ideas in partnership with 2030hub which we will report back on to all our residents. We are currently interested in working with Global Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities.

At the same time the 2030hub in Liverpool and Marketing Liverpool have organised an event entitled: Liverpool 2030 – From Sustainable to Regenerative Tourism which is open to everyone to attend. It is being held at The Spine, in the Knowledge Quarter, Paddington Village, L7 3FA. The date is Monday 18th September from 9.00am – 3.00pm. Booking is via Eventbrite.

Global Goals Week Newsletter  07.09.23

You might be interested to read about the work Engage did at a European level on behalf of the City Council and a full report on that work is published here: Climate Change and Liverpool’s Flood Risk. This all feeds into the work we will do next year as part of our new 2024 Seminar Series theme.

What happens to Liverpool’s waste if we are to even consider reaching our net Zero 2030 goal? An article written by Daniel Timms and published in The Post 24.10.23 Data Investigation: Where does Liverpool’s waste end up? begins to explore this important question. Waste management will be one of the issues discussed in our 2024 seminar series.