Engage held our first conversation directly with Tallinn, Estonia to start preparing for our Sustainable Liverpool seminar series on Friday 3rd May via zoom. It was a real privilege to speak with KRISTA KAMPUS, Head of EU and International Relations and Executive Director of European Green Capital 2023 and based in the Tallinn Strategic Management Office, who will be coming to Liverpool.

We are in no doubt at all that she will be an amazing person to commence what we expect will be one of our most significant seminar series ever. At this time there is nothing of greater importance than understanding more about the planet on which we live and the threats to its flourishing and indeed survival. Tallinn is a fabulous example from which we can learn.

Being named European Green Capital 2023 is all the evidence we need to have complete confidence in the quality of her experience and expertise in the area of sustainability. Tallinn will be followed by two other European Green Capital cities. Over the months before the first seminar on 10th October 2024 we will be sharing more information about the 3 cities we’ve commissioned to share their story with us.

The video below is a good place to start:

You can also read about Tallinn’s credentials to be one of the most progressive green cities in Europe: