Residents of the Baltic Triangle were shocked to watch the recently designed and constructed Peace Garden which was opened for the Eurovision Song Contest wrecked by a number of youths who ripped up and burnt on a bonfire all wooden structures including the signs and fencing around the garden.

It is bad enough to think that anyone might imagine this was a good idea, or indeed a bit of fun, or something acceptable to do to have a good bonfire night but to do it to a designated Peace Garden for Ukraine desecrating a site lovingly and carefully put together to remember all the people, including children and young people, killed so far in the invasion by Russia of their country. Of course the news has gone nationwide on social media and puts the whole city into a poor light.

Local councillors have responded and Radio Merseyside went to the site to interview people who were there about what they thought. The City Council is already looking into what they can do to try and restore the Garden but one really has to ask if this is likely to happen every Bonfire Night.

There is a history of issues in this space which Engage has reported on previously: The rise and fall of Baltic Green 

Press Items:

Got an hour to spare on Saturday?
Help us repair and tidy the Ukrainian Peace Garden from 12 pm.
We were devastated by footage of the Ukrainian Peace Garden being destroyed, which was created through support by more than 100 members of the community and our local businesses. But… we’ve been heartened by numerous messages of support and are making plans to repair it, to make sure it’s somewhere that everyone in the community can enjoy.

We’re starting with a community clean up and repair session on Saturday 11 November at 12pm – if you can make it we’d really appreciate your support. Litter picks will be provided but please bring along any tools that will be helpful for repairs and tidying up – anything from seceteurs, buckets, hand trowel/forks, gloves to knee pads.  Please sign up so we can make sure we have enough litter picks and encourage your friends, family, neighbours,  colleagues and strangers on the street to join us.