World Heritage Watch have published their Annual Report in which Liverpool UNESCO WHS appears for the first time. This report was written by Engage having taken advice from a number of interested parties.

The report can be read here: WHW Report 2017 and Liverpool’s contribution appears on pp.100-104.

You can also read the report about Liverpool in the Provisional Agenda for the 41st Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee being held in Krakow, Poland, 2-12 July, Item 7a, State of Conservation of the properties inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger. Liverpool is on pp.43-47 here: WHC Agenda 7a 2017

Engage was invited by the Deputy-Director of UNESCO to submit a report to the 2017 World Heritage Watch NGO Forum to be held in Krakow which will be at the same time as the World Heritage Committee meets to decide upon the future of Liverpool UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We chose to make public our submission on World Heritage Day as a contribution to our efforts to getting Liverpool removed from the In-Danger list of WHS. This complements our autumn seminar series which will take as its theme Liverpool UNESCO World Heritage Site – a Status Worth Fighting For?

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