Liverpool’s elected Mayor Anderson has often told us we are a world-class city and now that we also have a Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham for the Liverpool City Region we would love to know whether they both agree with the ‘statement of principles’ agreed by the C40 group of world city leaders as they prepare to take their cities out of the coronavirus lockdown.

Reports have been published in many news outlets about the meetings of the C40 Cities and they have stated that it is urgent that in the process of emerging from the global pandemic climate action is put at the forefront of their efforts to support a low-carbon sustainable pathway out of the lockdown. One such article can be read here: City leaders aim to shape green recovery from coronavirus crisis 01.05.20 The Guardian 

Locally there have been calls for our civic leaders to make greater efforts to provide safe and sustained ways for more people to cycle and walk to work, school and shop. Liverpool in fact isn’t anywhere near being a world-class city when it comes to being at the cutting edge of alternative transport to the car. But it seems now that citizens have moved ahead of their political leaders in being ready for sustainable transport routes in the city centre. Manchester is a city from where we could well learn some important lessons.

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for Liverpool and the City Region to launch a progressive  plan for a sustainable recovery. We are surrounded by cities all over the world who are determined to take the initiative and support their citizens in promoting a better future for everyone as we emerge from this crisis. Another significant article can be read here: World cannot return to ‘business as usual’ after Covid-19, say mayors 07.05.20 The Guardian 

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