Waterfront residents will find this report by the Heseltine Institute at the University of Liverpool entitled Albert Dock: What Part in Liverpool’s Continuing Renaissance? a significant and vital contribution to the important questions about how our Waterfront is developing. This isn’t only of interest to Albert Dock residents at The Colonnades.

Engage made an attempt two years ago through the process of Neighbourhood Planning to try and bring together everyone who lives, works and is a landowner along the whole of the Waterfront from Peel’s Liverpool Waters in the north to the former Herculaneum Dock site in the south. In August 2015 the Council refused permission and in an illegal move didn’t enable a different Designated Neighbourhood Area to be agreed.

This was an opportunity not only for the Council but also for the stakeholders who opposed our attempts at creating a body with real statutory teeth to bring together all who have a stake in the Waterfront with a view to its development and growth whilst being mindful of the heritage at its heart.

Now this new Report calls for just this kind of uniting body to bring everyone around the table. Engage will work hard to make sure that not only the residents who are landowners (Wapping Quays and Colonnades) will have a seat at this table but the thousands of others who live along the whole Waterfront.

You can read the full Report here:

Heseltine Report Albert Dock 25.04.17

You can read media comment on the Report here:

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