Engage is partnering with Wordscape again to deliver a series of three conversations about Travel & Tourism as a follow-up to last year’s successful seminar series entitled ‘Destination Liverpool: Tourists vs Residents?’ During those seminars Engage worked with Marketing Liverpool to explore major themes around the impact of tourism on resident communities and to bring to everyone’s attention the most progressive European cities for innovative work with their visitor economies.

The results of these monthly conversations will be used to continue the good relationship we have built up with Marketing Liverpool so that the voices of citizens can begin to be included in our thinking around tourism as we emerge from the ravages of the pandemic and tourists begin to come back to the city.

These conversations will be held on the last Saturday of each month from April to June and from 10.00am-12noon all in locations around the Baltic. There will be refreshments as part of the event.

Day Tripper: Conversations on Travel & Tourism

The 2021 seminar series heard from city leaders in Porto, Copenhagen and our home city of Liverpool. We heard stories about citizen engagement and how cities that work well for residents, work well for tourists. In fact the entire focus in Copenhagen was on creating a city that worked for residents in the belief that tourists too are residents in your city whilst on their vacation. You can follow the 2021 discussions on our Seminar Page.

The city leaders here engaged with us beyond the series, interested in the possibility of a more citizen-led approach to tourism in Liverpool.

We left this series concluding that we have an amazing and exceptional offer here in Liverpool. In addition to the beauty of the city and its landmarks, our residents are welcoming and friendly in a way that is unmatched elsewhere. That is our USP. By involving them even more in these decisions we can only enhance the visitor experience and our national and global reputation.

This feels like the starting point for a great conversation about how we can achieve this. And so here we are at the beginning of 2022. The world is slowly opening back up to tourists and we are inviting you to join us for a conversation about travel and tourism. Bring your stories!

Event 1: Stories from our travels, Saturday 30th April at Love Lane Brewery

Question – What do you find on your travels that you don’t find here? What does a good tourist experience feel like to you? Describe a memorable experience from your travels.

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Event 2: Tourists in our Liverpool home, Saturday 28th May at Chapters of Us

Question – What do you think tourists come to Liverpool for? What do you think they find here? Describe any experience you have had with visitors in our city.

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Event 3: Destination Liverpool revisited, Saturday 25th June at The Shed, Baltic Creative

Question – What would the best possible visitor experience to Liverpool and the City Region look like? What steps can we take to work towards this vision? Describe the role residents might play in this process. 

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The three sessions will revolve around the questions we have set above and participants are asked to come prepared to share their thoughts and experiences. There is a progression to the conversations so we hope that participants will make an effort to attend all three and follow the process with us. They will not simply be a talking-shop as we intend taking notes at each session to put together a document to share with a wider public.

You will need to register for each Conversation above, as places are limited to make sure we don’t exceed the best number to have a decent and useful conversation. Plus we want to make sure we have the right amount of breakfast barms and pastries!