Engage was sent a newsletter from the Edinburgh World Heritage Centre in Scotland which was so impressive and inspiring we thought we’d share with you some of the links so you can see for yourselves what it is like if we’d lived in a city that truly valued and worked with it’s UNESCO WHS status.

As a result of the two years of WHS seminar series in 2017 and 2018 Engage made some wonderful connections with people in the heritage business and in other WHS cities around Europe. We met some amazing people who really cared about Liverpool fighting to hold onto its unique heritage status among English cities. However our politicians and indeed some of our landowners and stakeholders preferred to work against the regulations we had signed up to and go their own way with the consequences that we expect will befall us this year at the next UNESCO WH Committee meeting in China. You can see more of our work on heritage on our Engage with the WHS Project Page.

Obviously those who want to maintain the UNESCO connection are in a minority compared to the large majority who want to see the largest dock waterspace left in the city filled in and built upon. Engage does not begrudge Everton FC a new stadium at all and would be very happy to see this one built on the waterfront but on land that doesn’t necessitate our deletion as a WHS city. That was always an option.

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