A great turnout of concerned residents attended the Public Open Meeting to receive and discuss two reports prepared for CQMC Board on 12th October 2015 in Casemate No5.

Richard Steel presented the Atmos  Report on the lake and water quality and Andy Thompson presented the BCA Landscape report on the condition of the grounds at City Quay. Also in attendance was Richard Scott from Landlife and the National Wildflower Centre and Pete Brash who as well as being a resident also works for the National Trust. The input from these professionals was excellent and helped residents greatly.

Having listened carefully to all concerns and decisions expressed by residents the Board met the following week 19th October 2015 and made a series of decisions that are already being put into practice. They are:


  • That we should immediately start explorations regards to a borehole with Richard Steel. We should also look into getting an Extraction Licence. We now know that we already have an Extraction Licence and therefore we need to get the borehole working as well as check out the water quality from the rock sub-strata. See Atmos report on water quality below.
  • We agreed that we should start afresh with new, clean water and not try to improve/rehabilitate the existing water.
  • That means we want to drain the dock.  This should be commenced as soon as we can agree that the borehole will be dug and will provide sufficient water for a refill. The Borehole is now functioning normally.
  • We need to have prices for re-lining the dock and for re-shaping the dock floor.
  • Depending on options taken we need to have prices for aeration systems for both a present dock shape and a re-designed shape.
  • Directors will draw up a list of options to be put to the owners and residents and Directors will suggest a preferred costed option.


  • We agreed we would sow wildflowers along the Riverside Drive area starting for the 1st year with the strip between the pathway and the blocks to the right (1,2 & 3) The sowing of wildflower seeds is taking place on Wednesday 20th April. 
  • We agreed to allow the grass to grow under the trees and monitor  the look week by week.
  • We agreed to keeping a mowed fringe along both sides of the pathway.


  • We agreed to plant shrubs alongside the grassed areas and between the dock water (bee-friendly varieties). This would start the process of combatting the presence of the Canada Geese. This work has commenced April 2016.
  • We also agreed to explore the right kind of furniture/seating in the space in front of CQ6 to facilitate community gatherings.


  • We agreed to start a process of renewing the grey bin stores (DMcC) by replacing the grey wood and plastic with the rough wooden slats of bin stores (Bryant Homes) 12 & 13. We would start with one bin store to be chosen with consultation of the Directors and to be remote on the site.
  • To draw up a plan with the site manager to remove/demolish but to sub-contract the delivery of the replacement.


This is the start of responding to the desires and dreams of residents to keep improving the place where we live for the benefit of everyone and to protect and enhance the value of leaseholders’ investments.

ATMOS Consulting Report

BCA Landscape Report

ATMOS Borehole and Spring WQ test results 15.03.16