Residents across the city are being denied superfast broadband on the whim of Directors and Freeholders. In what seems to be an abuse of power certain developments are refusing to allow residents to have fibre-optic broadband delivered to their apartments.

Prestigious Waterfront apartments on South Ferry Island, Mariners Wharf and Clippers Quay, are reported by their residents to be unable to access the fastest broadband speeds simply because resident Directors are standing in the way of progress. It doesn’t seem fair that a few people who maybe don’t need superfast broadband are able to hold to ransom entire developments simply because they are Directors of the Management Company and have the power to do so.

Many people who live in apartments work from home at times and need superfast broadband to be able to earn a living. In City Quay the resident Directors were the first in the city to offer superfast broadband to all their residents and even though it required a significant amount of work it was well worth while for the speeds of up to 1 Gb that residents now enjoy. This has increased the value of properties and the desirability of residing at City Quay.

A different issue is faced by the residents of Cable House, Cheapside L2, which is managed by Regent, it seems although the company offering to deliver high-speed broadband had wayleave sign-off and had verbally spoken to the freeholder who gave his permission, the freeholder now refuses permission and the residents can do nothing about it. This is another example of the power of the freeholder in leasehold apartments.

Why should progress be frustrated by a few people with the power to do so but against the wishes of many who require where they live to be fully fitted-out with the latest technology? This isn’t good news for those developments or for the governance and management of apartment blocks. It will come as no surprise to learn that Manchester is providing no obstacles to growth and progress where people live in the city centre but we have to endure another story here in Liverpool.

Image of Mariners Wharf courtesy of

Hyperoptic website

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Here are some of the apartment complexes in Liverpool City Centre and Waterfront that have superfast broadband provided by specialist firm Hyperoptic:

  • Albert Dock (The Colonnades) – Beetham Tower – One Park West – Unity Building – Elysian Fields – Kings Dock Mill – Chandlers Wharf – Beetham Plaza – Waterloo Warehouse – Princes Dock – 44 Pall Mall – City Quay – X Building – The Albany – Wapping Quay.