Residents have asked Directors to improve the water quality in the dock-shaped water feature at the centre of the estate. Having looked at all options with the assistance of Richard Steel from Laguna Science and decided that a full-scale redevelopment of the lake isn’t financially viable Directors agreed to start immediately a rehabilitation of the water feature.

Firstly a border of shrubs will be planted to deter the Canada Geese at the CQ6 end of the lake and if this doesn’t work we will see about extending the shrub barrier to other areas. Then we might also look at marginal lake planting if that is required.

Secondly a trial planting of submerged aquatic plants will start at both ends of the lake. Ceratophyllum and white water lilies will be used to help clear the nutrients out of the water.

Thirdly a new aeration system will be installed in the lake to permanently oxygenate the water and keep down the phosphate levels.

Finally next winter an application of Phoslock will be applied to the lake to capture and control any remaining phosphates in the water. This means that the water should shown signs of clearing by spring next year 2017.

Then if successful Tench and Roach will be put in the lake to help maintain it’s improving biodiversity. The principal we are following is – the more diversity the more stable the lake.

Laguna Science City Quay Final Rehabilation Options Report 16.05.16

LS City Quay Phoslock Application

LS City Quay Trial Aquatic Plants



White Water Lilies: