Engage is very interested in the Visitor Economy in the Liverpool City Region and now that the pandemic has impacted so significantly on the tourists and visitors who will come to the city, the Liverpool BID Company in partnership with Marketing Liverpool are running Visitor Economy Panels so that everyone in the city can reflect together on the new reality and how we might come through it. As we are now about to come out of our third lockdown it is more important than ever to do what we can to support our local tourism and hospitality businesses.

Engage will be supporting the City Region Visitor Economy with a seminar series dedicated to exploring tourism and how it can be both more sustainable and more connected with the people who live in the area. You can read more about it on this 2021 Seminar Page.

During each lockdown Engage was running a weekly Big Neighbourhood Dinner Table on Zoom for residents of the waterfront and city centre apartments to have some company at least once a week and to support our independent restaurants and takeaways. You can find out more here about our Big Neighbourhood Dinner Table. Now we are able to eat indoors as well as outdoors we encourage residents to do our best to support independent food and drink venues.

You can watch the video recordings of the sessions and learn what our local professionals and national stakeholders think about what is going on and what we can all expect at this time in the city.

Wednesday 30th June 2021

Friday 28th May 2021

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You can also visit the BID website for further information HERE