Engage is launching a new project during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in order to both support our wonderful independent restaurants and also to support people who live on the waterfront and in the city centre and maybe feeling isolated and under pressure at this time. We can Engage with... each other and Engage with... our food suppliers!

Sounds cool, what’s the plan?

Every week we are going to ask city centre and waterfront residents to order a meal from a different restaurant, to be eaten at 6pm on Wednesdays whilst, at the same time, sharing stories and conversation with each other on the Zoom video call platform.

All you need to do is place an order, and the food will be delivered to your door. Reheat it by 6pm, and join the Zoom Room link we send to you. It’s as easy as that.

Event schedule

Past events

How do I join the Zoom room?

You can use Zoom on your smartphone, tablet (iPad), or any computer with a webcam.

First, download and install the Zoom software onto the device you want to use.

Once you have Zoom installed, you can tap here to join our call:

Join our meeting now on this device

Or if you’re joining from a different device, open the Zoom app on the device, pick the option to “Join a meeting”, and then enter our Meeting ID:

Our Zoom Meeting ID:


Who’s this for?

We’re running this for anyone in an L1 or L3 postcode.

Why are you doing this?

This is a very stressful time for everyone and even though most of us are confined to our homes we can still reach out and support businesses who are trying to survive and whom we would want to still be there when all this is over.

Let your neighbours know about this and hopefully we can get residents from all across the city centre and waterfront joining in on this exciting project. Don’t forget we want to see and hear you as well!

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