Engage has been contacted by Hamburg City Council inviting Liverpool to get involved in a Europe-wide research project about the impact of extreme weather events and climate change upon historic buildings and heritage assets. We immediately informed the City Council asking advice on how they wanted us to proceed. They are happy to partner in the process and have asked Engage to coordinate the city's response. We have now started to approach the three universities as well as National Museums Liverpool and also Merseyside Civic Society. All are on board and enthusiastic.

Engage is now looking to form a data base of organisations and institutions that are already working on these issues and are confident we will be able to play an effective role in this exciting project. Anyone is welcome to express an interest in the project who wants to promote a direct exchange of knowledge and expertise between the cities that are part of this project all of whom are interested in increasing the resilience of their cultural heritage assets against climate-related and other disasters.

All documentation will be uploaded to our Project Downloads section below. And News and Events items will be published in our Community Noticeboard also below.

Please contact us directly at Chair@engageliverpool.com

Image courtesy of The Weather Channel