Engage Liverpool has been awarded a European Cultural Foundation Research and Development grant for the Liverpool Air Project. We also received a grant from the Granada Foundation and the Arts Council Grants for the Arts to help us run this project.

The aim of the project is the creation of 5 new Cultural Products or Public Art Works that engage with the public about air quality in public space. These are being brought together under the Vent! Liverpool Air Quality Festival.

You can go straight to our dedicated page for the Vent! Festival HERE

Pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide, ground-level Ozone and fine particulate matter cause respiratory illnesses and cancer, and are linked to cognitive decline and mental illness. The latest data set reveals that Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations exceeded EU guidelines at 86% of monitoring locations in Liverpool in 2011. Public Health England has also attributed the deaths of 239 people aged 25+ in Liverpool in 2010 to fine particulate matter, with an estimated 2,440 years of life lost.

Social Media for this project can be accessed below:

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