An amazing and inspirational group of citizens in Edinburgh have launched a process starting a discussion about a ‘Manifesto for the City’ drawn up by The Citizen Network a group of concerned city-dwellers in Scotland’s capital determined that this time of the coronavirus pandemic gives us the opportunity to reimagine what our cities could look like and to decide that it will not be ‘back to normal’ or ‘business as usual’.

They are proposing a 10-point strategy that looks at a variety of issues affecting those of us who live in our city centres and many of them have just as much meaning for us in Liverpool as they have for our friends in Scotland. You can read about their ideas below:

Creating our Manifesto for the City webpage

There are a number of ideas mentioned in the Manifesto for the City that clearly resonate with the agenda Engage has developed over the years:

  1. Community-led Development Baltic Planning Project; Waterfront Planning Project; Historic Downtown Planning Project
  2. Quality of the Environment Blue-Green Liverpool Project; Liverpool Air Project
  3. Key Assets & Services Save the Piazza Fountain Project; UNESCO WHS Seminars 2017; WHS Cities of Inspiration Seminars 2018
  4. Housing Liveable Liverpool Seminars 2015; AirBnB & Short-term Lets article
  5. Tourism Destination Liverpool  proposed 2020 seminar series
  6. Community-based Learning 2020 Waterfront Residents Meeting;
  7. International Good Practice Engage Seminar Series events always include an international city and speaker
  8. The Economy Devolution & Governance Seminar 2019
  9. Festivals
  10. Transport Liverpool on the Move Seminars 2014; Cycling & Walking Seminar 2019

If you have followed us this far you might like to read this thought-provoking article by our friend and former seminar speaker Jon Alexander from New Citizenship Project: Subject, Consumer or Citizen: Three Post-Covid Futures

You can get involved by responding directly to Engage at; Fb; Tw.